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06/10/15 08:03 AM #2    

John Donahoo

Thanks to Tommy for the compassionate epitaph. If Steve is not dead, as Tommy's piece suggests is possible, it's a call to Steve to return to a better life, where friends and family await.

06/10/15 08:25 AM #3    

Phillip Houk

Even as a 17-year-old he was gifted and mature and maybe a little frightening.  I marveled at and envied his talent.


06/11/15 08:47 AM #4    

Richard Dickson

I too have often wondered what happened to Steve. I remember Tom relating to me some years ago the information he has provided above; I remember feeling, "what a waste, what a tragedy." In high school Kleier was erudite, funny, brilliant, incredibly well-read, incisive--indeed, the epitome of the artist as a young man. I imagine James Joyce must have been very like him. Perhaps we did not recognize what pain, what despair nested beneath the promise of his youth.


06/12/15 08:37 PM #5    

Don Smith

It would be nice to think that Steve is at this moment reading these posts & smiling. Perhaps David Cooper knows more about Steve?

06/15/15 03:18 PM #6    

Bob Towery

I saw Kleier often when we were in our twenties. Good times and bad, each reentry he made into our lives seemed to come from a more distant orbit. He would show up at my door and stay a day. Two. A week. Take a job--maybe as a short order cook; get a room somewhere. A month would go by and he'd be off again on some fragmented, ill-defined mission to piece his life together--pursuing his gods, pursued by his demons.

He stayed with me for a month shortly before we lost track of him--shared a room with my son, Noah, who was, I think, six at the time. That would have made it 1989. Sadly, by then, he was inaccessable--lost in a fog that shrouded the noble genius we all saw in him.

06/16/15 05:41 AM #7    

Mark Pilkinton

Steve was indeed exceptional in so many ways, and my heart breaks to hear recollections of his life after high school.  

07/24/15 02:34 PM #8    

David Cooper

I'm not sure that Steve is deceased.  While I haven't been in touch in years, a Stephan T. Kleier live in Winter Park, Fl, age 68.  I'm attempting to find him. 

02/19/16 11:27 AM #9    

David Cooper

Steve did indeed pass away in 2003.  Sad that such a gifted person became so lost. 

02/20/16 05:54 AM #10    

Mark Pilkinton

What was Steve's middle initial?

 Stephen J Kleier age 69From: West Palm Beach, FL252 Sunshine Rd,West Palm Beach, FL 33411 (407) 798-6862Previous Addresses: 252 Sunshine Blvd, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411,
24 Elkhart Dr, East Northport, NY 11731,
24 Elkhart Dr, E Northport, NY 11731
Possible Relatives: Rose Kleier,
Harold Rosekleier,
Harold Kleier



02/20/16 02:46 PM #11    

Tommy McNamee

No, his name was Stephen Thomas Kleier.

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